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About Laurie Rose and the History of Dallas Optical


In 1949 Dallas Optical was started and instantly became a symbol of integrity in the optical world. It was a locally family owned and operated optical shop, and it is believed to be the oldest independently family owned and operated Optical dispensary in Texas. Laurie Rose was first an employee for the original owners for over 20 years.  Her very first day on the job she noticed something different going on. It was the way the shop feels, as she looks back on it remembering when she stepped in the door it just felt like home. A final destination, little did she know that after working for Dallas Optical for many years she would have the opportunity to purchase the shop.  When the owner retired in 2008 and Dallas Optical would be a thing of the past, she just knew that such a treasure should not be lost forever, so on a leap of faith her and her husband Dale decided to purchase the shop, and so as fate would have it, even though seemingly impossible at the time, it miraculously came to pass.


Laurie Ann Rose A.B.O.C.

Laurie Rose started practicing opticianary 37 years ago. She became American board of opticianary certified in the late1970’s. Over the years she has been a part of the ever changing optical industry. Her passion is simple as she puts it, “I just want everyone to see.” I want to make the best pair of glasses for the fairest price possible. I admire stakeholders and interested parties within the optical industry  who have joined together with a shared vision to create the technology so we have the privilege to offer our customers the very best in eyewear products. After more than 30 years of being certified Laurie went back to school and took 80 hours of courses to continue her optical education. She also recently decided to retake the American Board of Opticianary exam to make sure she knows what she thinks she knows, and yes she passed with flying colors. Her husband Dale, daughters Kelsey and Whitney and sons Eric and John and his wife Britany can often be found popping into the shop to visit with mom and customers. It’s just a family place at Dallas Optical. That feeling Laurie felt the first day she started at Dallas Optical is still there, it’s been passed on to this family, and all of our customers reaching back 60 years and over 3 generations, will tell you when they walk through the door there is just a sense of belonging, a place to come and connect with a friend who just happens to be your personal optician, an expert on your visual needs. You can trust Dallas Optical; you will experience a real Texas treasure. You’ll see!!


Karen Freistedt

karenI have been blessed to have three sons. One lives in the Atlanta Georgia area and the other two live in Dallas, Texas. I have been in the optical industry since the early 1990’s. My first job as an optician was at the Dallas Optical Store which was located on Douglas Street. I owe my sister, Laurie Rose, all the gratitude for training me in the optical profession. I’ve worked for Dallas Optical for three years and have a full-time position in finance. My degree in finance goes back thirty four years specializing in cost analysis which gives Dallas Optical a cutting edge in bookkeeping procedures, lending and prompt payment to our vendors. We are a business of integrity! I’m also a frame stylist with a background in cosmetology. Buying eye wear at Dallas Optical gives our patients a totally “new look” and definitely a new perspective in eye wear fashion. Mrs. Rose and Whitney Rose and I seek to offer the best customer service to our patients. We aim on a daily basis to use our gifts and talents to guarantee that your visit to Dallas Optical is an educated experience. When our patients leave our store, we know they will see clearly that we stand behind many years of operating a family owned business that desires to give you the best eye care possible.


Whitney Rose

whitneyWhitney Rose is a senior at Northeastern State University finishing her Bachelor of Science in Human and Family Sciences. She has worked for Dallas Optical the past three summers, and she is currently working full-time as an apprentice under her mother, Laurie Rose. Whitney has an in house laboratory certification and is a frame stylist and customer care specialist. She is currently studying to obtain her American Board of Opticianry Certification.

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